Meet the World’s Toughest Guard Dog who can run up the side...

Meet the World’s Toughest Guard Dog who can run up the side of buildings and identify guns


Ace is just three years old, but he’s a fully-trained, impeccably honed weapon in the war of personal security and protection.

They’re man’s best friend, but with the right training, dogs can be turned into a criminal’s greatest enemy.

Welcome to the world of bodyguard dogs , where buff pooches are trained to protect police, celebrities and millionaires worldwide.

Trained machine: Ace the pit bull plays with a ball and shows off his terrifying muscles

All you need is the expertise – and the cash – and Fido can become fiercer than an AK-47.

Dark Dynasty K9s runs the Executive Protection program, where muscular Ace is the top of the pups.

This video shows why he’s force to be reckoned with.

The three-year-old pitbull is not only hench, he’s weapon-savvy.

He can run up the side of buildings, leap into cars and even identify guns and knives, so he makes short work of decommissioning any threats he spots.

Doggone dangerous: Ace the pitbull is a trained machine who will attack given the order

Trainer Marlon Grennan says when Ace attacks, “It honestly feels like you’re getting hit by an 85lb missile.”

Dark Dynasty K9s, based in New Hampshire in the USA, specialise in security dogs , personal protection, obedience training, and behavioral issues.