Top 10 Most Powerful Militaries in The World 2017 – Unbelievable List

Top 10 Most Powerful Militaries in The World 2017 – Unbelievable List


Have you ever thought for a seconds, which Countries have the most powerful and well equip Militaries? Well, don’t crack your brain, because this is our Pick for today!

Here on, we are listing the top 10 Most powerful and elite countries with the strongest and hardest-to-break Militaries and you won’t believe which countries made this list.

Is your country here?

Why not check the list for yourself and know if your country or favorite country made this list?

This information was released by the group at Global Firepower who ranked the world’s 10 most powerful militaries.

Global Firepower after an extensive research, which included the examination of the defence forces of 68 countries in order to compile the rankings, taking into account the following vital points, which includes:

  • Manpower,
  • Land systems,
  • Air Power,
  • Naval Power,
  • Military Resources,
  • Logistics,
  • Finances,
  • Covered Geography.

The people at Global Firepower measure more than forty (40) different statistics about a country, among the stats is the following:

  • Number of Aircraft Carriers,
  • Available Manpower,
  • Labor Force, to produce a Power Index, in which lower
  • Numbers equal more firepower.

This may sound surprising to you, but the World 5th biggest armed force, Pakistan army did make the ranking of top 10 most powerful military, this might sound surprising, but it’s the truth.

Check out the world’s top 10 most powerful militaries, with some accompanying stats.

Number 10: Brazil

Standing at Number 10 is the world most popular soccer/football skilled country, Brazil. Well, if you think because they are only skilled in sports, you have to think again, because they have one of the world top ten most powerful military which is always ready and fortified.

Here’s their index.

Power Index: 0.6912
Defense Budget: $31,576,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 371,199
Labor Force: 104,700,000
Total Aircraft: 822
Total Naval Strength: 106

Number 9: Italy

Standing and holding strong on the number 9th most powerful military is the Italian country ‘Italy’, with one of the most sophisticated and well equip Military, this is their rightful position.

Here’s their Military Statistics:

Power Index: 0.6838
Defense Budget: $31,946,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 293,202
Labor Force: 25,080,000
Total Aircraft: 770
Total Naval Strength: 179

Number 8: South Korea

Well, you are suppose to know that they should be on this list, not with their Rival, North Korea dictatorship guy still alive and planning to bomb it’s enemy.

Making the 8th most powerful military in the whole world is South Korea, and if looking at their sheer statistics alone, there’s need to fear this country.

Here’s South Korea Military Statistics:

Power Index: 0.6547
Defense Budget: $28,280,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 653,000
Labor Force: 25,100,000
Total Aircraft: 871
Total Naval Strength: 190

Number 7: Germany

They are supposed to be on this list, right? THE Germans also have one of the world most powerful and strongest Military, and most cunning too. They might sink down into the water and stay there for minutes and change location without the slightest noise.

Here is Germany Military Statistics:

Power Index: 0.6491
Defense Budget: $43,478,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 148,996
Labor Force: 43,620,000
Total Aircraft: 925
Total Naval Strength: 67

Number 6: France

The French might have been scared in the World War 2, but don’t forget in a hurry, their fearless determination in World War 1.

They made the #6 most powerful Military in the world, and it’s no Joke, the French Military is really strong and is feared around the world.

Here’s France Military Stats:

Power Index: 0.6163
Defense Budget: $58,244,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 362,485
Labor Force: 29,610,000
Total Aircraft: 544
Total Naval Strength: 180

Number 5: United Kingdom

Also among the world oldest countries is the United Kingdom, with it’s spectacular Flag country, and it’s biggest city, London, has been named as the best location for all travelers.

THE United Kingdom made our top 5 most powerful militaries, because of it’s huge strive to better the world.

Here’s United Kingdom Military Stats:

Power Index: 0.5185
Defense Budget: $57,875,170,000
Active Military Personnel: 224,500
Labor Force: 31,720,000
Total Aircraft:1,412
Total Naval Strength: 77

Number 4: India

One of the countries with the largest number of citizens, India boost of the world 4th most powerful military, and with their large number of population, it’s not hard to imagine them taking #4th place.

India Military Statistics:

Power Index: 0.4346
Defense Budget: $44,282,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 1,325,000
Labor Force: 487,600,000
Total Aircraft: 1,962
Total Naval Strength: 170

Number 3: China

Making 3rd place, is China, 2015 World largest economy, and taking 3rd place in the world largest and most powerful military is China, with their huge labour force and active personnel, you just can’t attack a country this big!

China Military Stats:

Defense Budget: $129,272,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 2,285,000
Labor Force: 795,500,000
Total Aircraft:5,048
Total Naval Strength: 972

Number 2: Russia

You can’t rule out Russia when it comes to military prowess, are you aware of this facrt?

Well, the Russians are most times, feared by their Enemies more than the United states, and not just because of their military stats, but because of their courageous heart during battle and their high technological power, they can compete with the United States of America, anyday any time.

Russia Military Power House Details:

Power Index: 0.2618
Defense Budget: $64,000,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 1,200,000
Labor Force: 75,330,000
Total Aircraft: 4,498
Total Naval Strength: 224

Number 1: United States of America

Sorry, but i won’t go to any explaination, it is expected that all civilized person should know about the United States, and about their Military power? They are simply the BEST.

United States of America Military Power House Index

Power Index: 0.2475
Defense Budget: $689,591,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 1,477,896
Labor Force: 153,600,000
Total Aircraft: 15,293
Total Naval Strength: 290.

Important Note:

Please take note that Nuclear capabilities are not included in this calculation. “As the inclusion of such weapons would defeat the purpose of such comparisons”.

The placings are based strictly on each nation’s potential conventional war-making capabilities across land, sea and air.