8 Signs Your Partner/Spouse is a Waste of Time and Will Never...

8 Signs Your Partner/Spouse is a Waste of Time and Will Never Commit


One of the best things in Life, is been in a relationship, not just any relationship, but in a Relationship with someone you can trust and you know, will love you back.

I don’t advice my friends to go on relationships with people who will never commit, why date a guy who you know, will lie, lie, cheat on you and lie over again? Isn’t that a definition of been cheap?

Today, i want to write on an important topic, and want to tell the Ladies, how they can identify a guy who will NEVER commit to any relationship, no matter how much they love him.

It is true that Women from every nation, culture and tribe no matter the differences in cultures and believes, will always have two common questions as far as relationships are concerned, and these questions are:

  • Is he serious about me?
  • Is he ready for a lifetime commitment?

The above questions have the power of twisting and nerve-wrecking every woman with unclear picture of their future, more especially, on where exactly the relationship will be heading to in the future.

It is certain that Women, sorry, Most women would never want to waste months or even years on a man who has no intention or plan of staying with them for a lifetime.

So to save yourself the time, energy and unnecessary heartbreaks, it’s advisable that every lady discovers whether their boyfriend is really commit or he is just taking them for those common high school relationship rides.

Here are Eight Signs That Show Y0ur Man Will Never Commit

10 Most Life-Threatening Phrases

1. You’re Never in His Plan

When a man you’re supposed to be in relationship with, is always making plans and keeps on “forgetting” to add you to his plan, i guess it’s time for you to start making plans to get out of the relationship.

To be candid and honest with you, if i don’t love someone, as much as they thought i do, i won’t want my life to circle round them. Whenever your man is making plans, and you’re always excluded, it’s time to move on with your life.

You know why? Because he absolutely doesn’t have you in his future plans!

Whenever he makes only has an “I” statement throughout his discussion with you or family members, it becomes obviously clear that he does NOT have any intention of making you part of his life. If he talks more about his parents and never puts you in the big picture or care much about thinking of the future life with you, even rarely discussing it, then the only thing I can really think of right now is that you two are not reading from the same book, and the your future with him seems bleak.

Make a run for it, while your heart isn’t broken yet, and most importantly, your time isn’t wasted yet. You’ve got a beautiful life, don’t let anyone create a sad and sorrowful one for you.

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