20 Hottest Ways To Take Revenge On Your Ex

20 Hottest Ways To Take Revenge On Your Ex


One of the worst feelings in life, is getting dumped or cheated on by your partner. Am speaking directly from experience, and it’s really bad.

I really hoped and wished, during my sad moments of going through this phase, that people would avoid this lane, but this is a harsh world we live in today, and things like this, are always bond to happen.

Am not writing this article, asking you or putting ideas in your head, on how to take revenge on your ex, that will involve the police. It’s really exciting to take revenge on an ex. We all know that revenge always seems to satisfy the heart and looks like a wonderful way to hurt a person.

Revenge might also give you some fun after breaking up with your boyfriend or girlfriend. This could distract you from your gloomy thoughts, pain or loneliness. But, of course, the best way to get over is just to move on with your life and have fun.

Strategically, the best revenge you can get on your ex, is by living a fun life, going through life happily and build a wonderful life, but for those, who wants to take some “not so bad” and fun revenge on their, ex, you’ve landed on the right page.

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Take a look at 20 ways to take revenge on your ex.

1. Get Sticky

The title didn’t ask you to go around, bugging him all the time and sticking to him. The best way to get your ex, is by purchasing a fun and embarrassing sticker and place it on his car bumper. When driving on the road, the smiles and giggles will embarrass him.

2. Get Flirty

Another of the best option to getting back at your ex, is this one! You just need to get flirt with his or her best friend. Just become irresistible. This would drive your ex mad and make them wonder, if the reason they broke up with you, is worth it.

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