27 Things You Must Do Before the Age of 50!

Happy mature couple having breakfast in bed at home

I write this article today, because i know am going closer to this age, with every passing day, and i realize that there are actually, several things people needs to do, before they reach the age of fifty! It’s no secret that this life we live in, is short and we have never too much time for delighting the hearts of ...

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20 Hottest Ways To Take Revenge On Your Ex

man and woman screaming

One of the worst feelings in life, is getting dumped or cheated on by your partner. Am speaking directly from experience, and it’s really bad. I really hoped and wished, during my sad moments of going through this phase, that people would avoid this lane, but this is a harsh world we live in today, and things like this, are ...

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Here’s the 7 Most Handsome Men in The World Right now!

Justin Clynes

There has always been that article which is always going on about the Most beautiful Women in Hollywood, Bollywood, Sports, etc. And scarcely, i mean rarely do we see articles with such headlines like the one above. What actually happened? Does it simply means that there aren’t Handsome Men in the world today? WHY aren’t there much voices and opinions ...

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5 Simple Words To Make Any Girl Fall In Love With You

beautiful smiling girl

What are the five different words that will make your Girlfriend love you the more? Here are the top five most proven words that catches every girls attention and makes her fall In Love With You. 5 Words To Make Your Girl Fall In Love With You 1. “I’m So Happy That You’re In My Life” Who does not love ...

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